Agarpara Jute Mills Ltd, is one of the oldest functioning composite jute mills in the world and is a source of employment for over 5000 and above people. Located near the bank of the river Ganges and beside B.T.Road in Kolkata, today epitomizes leadership, vision, determination, innovation and growth. Still young in terms of existence, in a very short span, established himself as a formidable player in Juteand Warehousing.
    Jute has always been an area of immense thrust and endless opportunities for the group with the present management having an experience of over 20 years in managing jute mills. The investment made forward in capacity addition and diversification has had a direct impact in terms of the company’s top line, operating costs, production and more importantly productivity. Today, the company boasts itself at being one of the lowest cost processors of jute in the country.
    The Company sets for itself very high standards of quality and has successfully implemented stringent quality norms at all levels of production. In this way it has been able to successfully meet the challenges of a fiercely competitive market in the recent past.

About our Products

Jute packages have long durability, and it can be repeatedly used, which saves costs.

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We believe in deriving extraordinary results from ordinary people. We have strived to develop a work atmosphere that facilitates the maximization of human potential.

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Factory Works:
Kolkata - 700058

Corporate Office:
21A, Shakespeare Sarani, 3rd floor
Kolkata - 700017